Friday, February 22 2019

• The first GAFTA conference was held in Iran on 24th of December 2018. This conference was organized by Iran-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and different companies and individuals from a wide range of industries related to grains attended it. In this conference, the problems and challenges of grain trade in the world were discussed and the panelists talked about the regulations, rules and the solutions that GAFTA offers.

Dr Najafi, CEO of Petkus in Iran has recently done his PhD thesis on the important trends on Iran’s grain imports. This valuable research has been done in one of Paris’s universities in Business Integration major.

Head of National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute: We are working on the concept of enriching bread with Vitamin D in order to eliminate the deficiency of this vital vitamin in the diet of Iranians.

In 2016-2017 the storage capacity in Iran increased by 1,700,000 tons which means that the grain storage capacity of Iran is including both governmental and public sector storages is 19,785,000 tons now.

because of the lack of proper silos for storing oil seeds, farmers prefer to plant wheat in Khoozestan.

During 2017-2018, Khoosheh Fars Flour has exported around 48,000 tons of flour and wheat to Iraq and Oman

There has been an agreement between GTC, Russia’s Prodintorg and Kazakhstan’s FCC in order to swap wheat and flour sing a six-months credit

From March 2017, Iran has exported 28,500 tons of regular wheat to Oman, 31,500 tons of durum to Italy and 25000 tons of flour to Iraq

Professor Parviz Kerdovani: It seems that the biggest problem in Iran’s agriculture is the problematic ways that we are trying to grow wheat

GTC’s Export Expert: Until the end of the first half of year in Iran, the flour export has increased by 100000 tons

Professor Kardovani, father of Iran’s modern geography: the average rainfall in less than a third of the world

An international Italian company has purchased 31500 tons OF Durum wheat

From the beginning of 2018 Mr Nader Sarvar will replace Mr Sharif Nezam Mafi as the CEO of Buhler Iran

The first wheat shipment from Russia has been unloaded in Astara Port in north of Iran

Yazdan Seif, GTC’s CEO: Iran’s wheat production in the current year would be 14 million tons


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