In order to introduce your products or services in Iran’s market, you can advertise in Negashteh Magazine.

Negashteh is a specialized magazine working in the fields of grains, flour, bread, pasta, biscuits, chocolate, starch, silos, equipment and all the related industry from the field to the consumers in Iran. Subjects such as import and export of grain-related food items, grain inspections at transit gates, technological innovations in making flour, bread and pasta are the ones we are more focused on.

Who are our readers:
We send Negashteh to all the flour mills in Iran (there are more than 350 operating flour mills in Iran), all the pasta, chocolate, bread, starch, glucose and biscuit producing companies in Iran, chambers of commerce of different countries and cities, grain traders, companies offering shipments, silo producers and representatives, all the guilds and unions in connection with grain and the related industry.

For more information regarding advertisement details please contact Leila Gharani:

Phone: +989354552869